I animated this in eight days.


Here’s some of the more recent stuff I’ve done for the ADHD shorts. We don’t get very much time to work on these and most of the time we have to work with pre-drawn poses and pre-decided timing. I try to keep the quality as high as I can within those restrictions.

I silhouetted the guy because I didn’t draw him.

It’s been fun working here so far.

some sketches I posted on twitter


I animated one shot in this. You can probably figure out which one.

My last name isn’t Wen, but I think I’ll just roll with it.


Painted on commission.

I haven’t had a computer for weeks.

iPhone photos

My 2013 reel, featuring tons of embarrassingly unfinished animation.

I’ll be selling two prints of this at MFF.

bus stop

1 year ago on 08/19/13 at 09:25pm